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Summer is a good season to drink some champagne🥂Don't you want to get some fun with this in your house? As an editor, I highly recommend an easy way to spend a summer holiday🤪That's Gin add with Champagne!!! The previous blog of Gin Cocktails (first) has introduced it - French 75. If you are interested in, go and check more Gin Cocktails introduction!😙😙😙

How to Make a Classic French 75 | The Inspired Home

Ingredients:Gin, Syrup, Lemon Juice, Champagne 

Refreshing Sparkling Recipe  


1)Choose a gin, and pour 30ml into a champagne glass.

2)Add 15ml syrup and 1-2 drop of lemon juice into the gin, then stir with ice.

3)Add in 60ml of champagne (Prosecco sparkling wine/ Burt Champagne)

Note:I personally recommend 5 gin for bartending😚

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