🚨Selected by 🥭Mangostore🚨✋🏻 5 summer fruit-flavored gins with the highest CP value😍 -  Mango Store

👏🏻👏🏻You can buy gin within $$$400😍Me as an editor to push the series of 🍋🍇🍓fruit gin from $400 to $700 for you guys🍎🍐🍊!🖐🏻Bring these gin the five highest CP value to your cupboard!!Start from now🎊🎊🎊

1. $480😱Suntory - Roku Gin

Suntory - Roku Gin 日本琴酒 - 700ml -  Mango Store

Origin: Japan ABV: 43%

This is the first gin released by Suntory. The name "Roku" is the Japanese "six", referring to the six Japanese botanicals used. The main cherry blossoms🌸 and buried green tea 🍵 with the sweet floral. And the spicy of Japanese pepper 🌶️, enjoying the multi-layered taste with ice in summer🧊That a label printed on Japanese paper totally attracted me😍Worth buying this!

Link to shop: suntory-roku-gin-日本琴酒-700ml

2. $598 Blossom Distilled Peach Gin

Blossom花蕾 - Distilled Peach Gin 西班牙蒸餾蜜桃琴酒 700ml -  Mango Store
Origin: Spanish ABV: 45%

Peach Blossom is a tribute to the peach blossom blooming on the border between Spain and Sierra Mariola🕊️Plant medicinal materials are specially selected according to the characteristics of the aroma of peach🍑The strong fragrant peach is soft and blends with the juniper flavor☺️The design of the bottle is simple and elegant, and it is definitely a quality gin ^^ 😙😙

Link to shop: blossom花蕾-distilled-peach-gin-西班牙蒸餾蜜桃琴酒-700ml

3. $680 N.I.P “Awakening” Limited Edition Dry Gin

N.I.P 無名氏 - "Awakenings" Limited Edition Dry Gin “覺醒”香港限量版乾琴酒 -  500ml -  Mango Store

Origin: Hong Kong ABV: 45%
100% Made in HK 2020❗Limited Edition❗
NIP "Awakening" for celebrating the Christmas Day. It has a strong aroma of apple which likes an apple pie😍 Rich and fruity taste, with apple, strawberry, fruity, and rose fragrance and Ceylon black tea fragrance at the end. It makes people drink and drink again! Locally created limited edition❗Absolutely support this local product! 🙌🏻

Link to shop: 無名氏-n-i-p-awakenings-limited-edition-dry-gin-限量版手工琴酒-500ml

4. $630 St.George Atlas Orange Gin 

St.George Atlas Orange Gin 限量版美國橙琴酒 700ml -  Mango Store
Origin: America ABV: 45%

This modern version of orange gin is based on orange blossom🍊Exuding a strong and strong orange and floral fragrance🌸you can feel the sweetness of citrus comes first. The middle section slowly felt the strong herbal flavor irritating the tongue👅 and finally ended with a rich orange fragrance and juniper berries.Limited edition❗This orange gin with the simple and noble design👀 If you love the orange fragrance, you don’t want to miss a good choice ☺️☺️

Link to shop: st-george-atlas-orange-gin-限量版美國橙琴酒-700ml

5. $398😍Whitley Neill - Raspberry Gin

Whitley Neill - Raspberry Gin 英國紅莓琴酒 700ml -  Mango Store

Origin: England ABV: 43%

The gin added fresh, sweet and plump red berry berries. The delicate sweetness and light floral aroma make the red berry gin fuller. The taste is smooth, with sweet orange 🍊 plus lemon 🍋there is a tea scent of cassia at the end ☕ the wine is full of fresh fruit. It matches summer. What a priceless gin. Yeah!!😋

Link to shop: whitley-neill-raspberry-gin-英國紅莓琴酒-700ml

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