Opihr Gin - Far East Edition Gin Szechuan Pepper 限量版英國琴酒 700ml




“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

Opihr Gin - Opihr Far East Edition Gin Szechuan Pepper 限量版琴酒 700ml

ABV: 43%

產地: 英國 

Origin: UK

The unmistakable taste of OPIHR Gin with warming Szechuan peppers and earthy, smoky notes of Ajwain. A bold, intense and richly spiced gin taking you from the Far East through the Orient.

OPIHR琴酒的獨特風味與溫暖的花椒和細葉糙果芹 的土質煙熏味有關。 大膽,濃烈且香料豐富的杜松子酒,帶您從遠東穿越東方。

As we look at the Far East and the beginning of the Spice Route, one of the key flavour profiles of the region is ‘heat and spice’. A naturally perfect fit for OPIHR gin, this pushes the boundaries of spiced gin even further and adds an authentic element found only in Asian cuisine.

當我們考察遠東地區和香料之路的起點時,該地區的主要風味之一就是“熱量和香料”。 這是OPIHR琴酒的天然完美搭配,這進一步擴大了香料杜松子酒的界限,並增加了僅在亞洲美食中才能找到的正宗元素。

The Far East Edition is inspired by the use of unique, fragrant and mouth-numbing Szechuan peppers (the seed husks of Chinese ash trees), traditionally used in staple dishes, such as hot pots and the main ingredient in five spice.


An unmistakeably bold, intense and richly spiced London Dry gin with flavours from the Far East – the smoky notes of Szechuan Pepper delivers a lingering warmth, that along with invigorating spices, creates an exceptional flavour combination.


Tasting Notes:

Aroma: A bold, intense and richly spiced gin from the Far East. It has invigorating warm spice notes of Szechuan peppers and a background of lemony thyme and lavender notes.

Taste: A very smooth, rounded London Dry Gin with rich pungent spices that creates an intense, warm mouth feel.

香氣:來自遠東地區的大膽,濃烈且香料豐富的杜松子酒。 它具有令人振奮的花椒香氣和檸檬百里香和薰衣草香氣的背景。



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