G'Vine 紀凡 - Nouaison French Gin 法國杜松子琴酒 700ml




“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

Produced at the Maison Villevert estate in the Cognac region of France, G'Vine gin is unique in that it's made with a base spirit distilled from grapes. Of the two marques of G'Vine, G'Vine Nouaison ("setting" in French) uses a smaller amount of vine flower - grape vine flowers that have not yet matured into grapes - in its production than its sister gin bottling. Along with vine flower, nine other botanicals - juniper, lime, licorice, green cardamom, quassia amara, ginger root, coriander, nutmeg and cubeb berries - are also used as ingredients. Each botanical is macerated and distilled individually with the base spirit, which are then blended together and, along with additional neutral grape spirit, distilled one more time before being bottled at 43.9% ABV.

G'Vine杜松子酒是在法國干邑地區的Maison Villevert莊園生產的,它的獨特之處在於用葡萄蒸餾的基酒釀造。在G’vine的兩個品牌中,G’vine Nouaison(法語為“setting”)在生產中使用的葡萄藤花(尚未成熟的葡萄藤花)比它的姐妹杜松子酒裝瓶使用的要少。除了葡萄花,還有其他九種植物藥材——杜松、酸橙、甘草、綠荳蔻、苦木、生薑、香菜、肉荳蔻和尾胡椒——也被用作原料。每一種植物都經過浸漬和單獨的基酒蒸餾,然後混合在一起,再與其他中性葡萄烈酒一起蒸餾,最後以43.9%的酒精度入瓶。

G'Vine - Nouaison French Gin 700ml
G'Vine 紀凡 - 法國Nouaison杜松子琴酒 700ml


ABV: 45%

產地: 法國
Country of Origin: France

風味:     杜松子丨果皮丨花香丨草本植物丨香料
Flavor:  Juniper丨CitrusFloralFruit 丨Herbal丨Spice 

Known Botanicals: Juniper, ginger, cardamom, licorice, lime, cassia bark, coriander, cubeb, nutmeg, plum, sandalwood, vetiver
香氣與味道: 散發著爪哇胡椒、肉桂和活潑的柑橘類水果的香味。在絲滑的葡萄基礎上,有一絲檀香的味道。
Aroma and Taste: Delicate spicy aromas of Java pepper, cinnamon associated with lively citrus fruit. Intense backed by hints of sandalwood on top of a silky grape base.


Cocktail Recipes: Gin & Tonic, French Negroni

Recommended Tonic: Fever-Tree 
Indian Tonic, Strange Love No.8 Tonic 



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