Chako - Apple & Elderflower White Tea Sparkling Tea Cocktail 蘋果接骨木花白茶氣泡雞尾酒 - 250ml (3罐)




“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

Chako - Peach & Ginger Oolong Sparkling Tea Cocktail 香桃薑味烏龍茶氣泡雞尾酒 - 250ml

ABV酒精度: 7% 

產地: 香港

              來自接骨木花與蘋果的兩款淡雅清優的香甜互 相縈繞,配上帶有微微花香的白茶,這份甜而不 膩的口感牽動著味蕾的渴望,配以氈酒,感覺利 口而且解膩,很適合作餐酒享用。

              Get ready to indulge in a delightful honeyed fragrance emanating from the elderflower blossom, along with notes of white tea’s gentle herbal flavour and touches of crisp apple. The drink is heightened by the addition of gin to give it an exquisitely delicate and floral bouquet with a memorable yet clean aftertaste. It is so easy to sip that it can be savoured alone as well as paired with a scrumptious meal.

              世界冠軍級知名調酒師 Antonio Lai 與香港冠軍級知名調酒師 Alex Ko 向來獨具慧眼且具前膽遠見,一直致力推動並革新本地酒吧業及雞尾酒文化。隨著近年悠閒 小酌的生活文化日漸流行,Antonio 和 Alex 隨即萌生了為高品質的雞尾酒增添便利性的想法 ,並將他們備受追捧的氣泡雞尾酒入罐,讓雞尾酒能更輕易融入日常和長時間保存。經過一年 研調與籌備,終於推出這款以原片茶葉沖泡為主打的罐裝氣泡雞尾酒 —— CHAKO。為了確 保出品質素,他們更於香港自設廠房,創立了罐裝雞尾酒系列 CAN-TO CANS ,由專業團隊監 控,讓各雞尾酒愛好者都可隨時隨地享用高品質的罐裝雞尾酒。

              三款口味均由 Antonio 及 Alex 聯手合力研發,經過多番測試及微調,令雞尾酒的味道富有層 次,而且口感豐富。整個系列的雞尾酒均以真正茶葉沖泡的茶底來調製,入口便迎來清幽茶香 ,陣陣清甜果香亦隨之而來,從滿活力的氣泡更來帶讓人舒暢的口感。

              罐裝的氣泡雞尾酒輕便易於攜帶,而且酒精濃度低約7%。無論於家中舉 行小型派對、TGIF與同事們下班後暢飲,或是聯同好友到戶外野餐,都十分適合帶上CHAKO 氣泡雞尾酒,與好友親朋間短聚小酌。

              World Class mixologist Antonio Lai and Hong Kong award-winning mixologist Alex Ko never cease to pioneer ventures into ground-breaking cocktail notions, crafting arrays of trendsetting drinks for cocktail lovers around the globe. With the rise of demand for casual drinking, Antonio and Alex coincidentally sprouted the idea of a mess-free and portable bar-quality concoction to incorporate cocktails into daily life. After a year of preparation and numerous trials in canning their creations, Antonio and Alex have brought CHAKO, a ready-to-drink canned sparkling tea cocktail concept to life, with all cans being manufactured locally in their own factory, under the canned cocktail brand CAN-TO CANS and monitored by a professional team for the finest quality

              The three distinctive flavours are cooperatively invented by Antonio and Alex with the goal of achieving an utmost balance of multi-layered textures and aromatic flavours. Featuring self-brewed tea as the foundation of the series, the choices of tea leaves are thoughtfully selected in pairing with premium spirits alongside the natural sweetness of fruit extracts. To create a delightful mouthfeel, the drink is implemented with carbonation for a comforting bubbly tang.

              Alike its light and fizzy character, CHAKO is presented in a lightweight Instagrammable can, that can be enjoyed effortlessly at your desired time and place. Be it a cozy party at home, a casual happy hour with your colleagues, or a summer picnic at the park, CHAKO is the perfect companion to bring along with.


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