Captive Spirits - Big Gin 美國琴酒 750ml




“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”


Founder and distiller, Ben Capdevielle, began distilling gin as a hobby with his father, "Big Jim". Jim learned how to distill from his father, Ted, and happily passed the tradition along to Ben. After a combined 25 years in the bar & restaurant industry, husband/wife team Holly Robinson & Ben Capdevielle set out to distill a line of gin designed for people who enjoy the taste of juniper, aptly named after his father's nickname <Big Jim>.

Captive Spirits has made a name for itself as a leading gin company, both nationally and internationally recognized, consistently begin ranked in top honors by both peers & ginners, alike. Big Gin & it's Bourbon barreled counterpart has become back-bar staples, across the US & beyond.

Creating a legacy by making quality & consistent spirits for gin lovers is what Captive Spirits Distilling is all about. Distiller owned & family operated.

創始人兼釀酒師本·卡德維耶爾(Ben Capdevielle)開始與父親(Big Jim)蒸餾杜松子酒。Jim 是從他父親泰德Ted那裡學會了提煉方法,並將這個傳統傳給了Ben。在酒吧和餐館行業工作了25年之後,夫妻團隊Holly Robinson和Ben Capdevielle著手蒸餾出一系列杜松子酒,這些杜松子酒是專為喜歡杜松子口味的人們而設計的,而這些杜松子酒亦以他父親的綽號<Big Jim>恰當地命名。

Captive Spirits已成為享譽國內和國際的領先杜松子酒公司,並在同行和杜松子酒行業中名列前茅。在美國及其他地區,Big Gin及其波本桶的產品已成為back-bar staples。

Captive Spirits Distilling的主要目標是為杜松子酒愛好者製作出優質的烈酒來創造傳奇。

BIG GIN - Savory botanicals compliment lush elements of a traditional London Dry, while Tasmanian pepperberry & grains of paradise charm provocative notes of bright & racy spice.

BIG GIN - 美味的草本材料補充了傳統倫敦乾型酒的元素,而塔斯馬尼亞的胡椒莓和天堂椒則散發出誘人和清爽的香料香氣。

Captive Spirits - Big Gin 美國琴酒 750ml
Captive Spirits - Big Gin - 750ml

ABV: 47%

產地: 美國
Country of Origin: USA

風味:     杜松子丨果皮  花香水果  丨草本植物  香料
Flavor:  Juniper丨CitrusFloral Fruit  HerbalSpice 

Botanicals: Juniper, coriander, bitter orange peel, grains of paradise, angelica, cassia, orris, cardamom, Tasmanian pepperberry


香氣與味道: 鮮明的杜松子與胡椒,溫暖的辛香料。口感有杜松子氣味與柑橘組合,胡椒尾韻。
Aroma and Taste:  Bright juniper berries and pepper, warm spices. The taste has a combination of juniper berries and citrus, with a peppery finish.


Cocktail Recipes: Gin & Tonic, Dry Martini

Recommended Tonic: Fever Tree Indian Tonic, Strange Love No.8


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