Bols Genever 荷蘭琴酒 700ml




“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”



Smooth malty flavour and apricot tones with a musky juniper hit. Made according to the superior Bols Genever recipe from 1820. Bols Genever Original is an award-winning classic cocktail spirit that combines the mixability of a white spirit and the complexity of a brown spirit.

A delightfully complex triple grain spirit made of corn, rye and wheat. Blended with 22 botanicals, including juniper berries, hops, ginger, coriander and sweet orange. Copper pot distilled. Bols Genever Original is the ideal genever for cocktails such as our Red Light Negroni which is a popular cocktail mixed with Italian bitter liqueur and sweet vermouth.
圓滑的麥芽風味和杏色,並帶有麝香杜松味。根據1820年卓越的Bols Genever配方製成。BolsGenever Original是屢獲殊榮的經典雞尾酒酒,融合了白酒的可混合性和棕色酒的複雜性。
由玉米,黑麥和小麥製成的令人愉悅的複雜三重穀物酒。與22種草本材料混合,包括杜松子,啤酒花,姜,香菜和甜橙。銅鍋蒸餾。 Bols Genever Original是雞尾酒的理想選擇,例如我們的Red Light Negroni,它是一種流行的雞尾酒,融合了意大利苦酒和甜苦艾酒。

Bols Genever 荷蘭琴酒 700ml
Bols Genever - 700ml

ABV: 42%

產地: 荷蘭
Country of Origin: Holland

風味:     杜松子丨果皮  花香水果  草本植物  香料
Flavor:  Juniper丨CitrusFloral Fruit  HerbalSpice 

原料:杜松子、芫荽籽、歐白芷根、甜橙、薑、八角、杏仁、啤酒花、葛縷子、                       甘草、丁香    

Botanicals: Juniper, Coriander seeds, Angelica roots, Sweet orange Ginger, star anise,                    almond, Hops, Caraway seed, Liquorice, Clove

香氣與味道: 穀物氣味與輕柔杜松子,一點乾草味。口感有辛香料、甜美柑橘、                                 麵包口感、類似茉莉花香餘尾韻
Aroma and Taste: Grain Aroma and soft juniper berries, a touch of hay. The taste has                       spice, sweet citrus, bread taste, similar to jasmine aftertaste

Cocktail Recipes: Gin & Tonic, Dry Martini

Recommended Tonic: Fever Tree Indian Tonic


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