Mindful Sparks - Dragon Duet—Sparkling Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea with Lungan Honey 雙龍戲珠—龍珠茉莉龍眼蜜氣泡茶 375ml


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“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

Mindful Sparks - Dragon Duet—Sparkling Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea with Lungan Honey雙龍戲珠—龍珠茉莉龍眼蜜氣泡茶 375ml


Origin: Hong Kong

全新香檳瓶版本, 以一段傳奇的雙龍故事祝願人們生活美好,祈求未來繁榮昌盛.

To celebrate the good life and wishes for a prosperous future with a legendary story of two dragon

Mindful Sparks 的成立有著明確的使命:創造一種複雜的高級茶飲料,增強用餐體驗,讓食客充分調動感官,而不會讓他們變得遲鈍。 在短短兩年內,我們累積了忠實的客戶,為茶文化增添了新的維度,定義了新的飲料類別,同時與不斷擴大的高級餐廳和米其林星級餐廳合作。

健康是我們生產的每一瓶氣泡茶的核心。 這促使我們採購最高品質的原料,並在整個生產過程中保留營養價值。
從我們的第 6 層萃取方法到變色的起泡茶,我們為自己擁有多樣化的技能而感到自豪,這些技能使我們能夠透過創新和創造力將我們精心策劃的概念變為現實。
Grand Cru Prestige 和 Grand Prestige 系列是在高級餐廳和米其林星級餐廳的投入下開發和改進的。 我們高度重視合作者的意見,尤其是在製作量身訂製的氣泡茶時。
Mindful Sparks 的產品系列都有一個共通點:提升世界舞台上的茶體驗與文化。 我們對提升茶文化的熱情源自於我們的傳統,也是我們致力於不斷展現的傳統。

The Brand
Mindful Sparks was founded with a clear mission: to create a complex elevated tea beverage that enhances dining experiences and allows diners to fully engage their senses, without dulling them. In just two years we have amassed a loyal clientele, added a new dimension to tea culture, and defined a new beverage category, while collaborating with an ever-expanding portfolio of fine-dining and Michelin star restaurants.

We elevate tea to its highest potential across cuisines and enhance tea culture to become everyone’s go-to non-alcoholic beverage.

To be synonymous with crafting complex and innovative beverages thus becoming a leader in the sparkling tea market.
Wellness is at the heart of every bottle of sparkling tea we make. It’s what drives us to source ingredients of the highest quality and retain nutritional value throughout the production process.
From our Layer 6 Extraction method to a sparkling tea that changes colours, we pride ourselves on the diverse skillset that allows us to bring our curated concepts to life through innovation and creativity.
The Grand Cru Prestige and Grand Prestige ranges are developed and improved with the input of fine dining and Michelin star restaurants. We hold the opinions of our collaborators in high regard, especially when creating tailor-made sparkling teas.
Mindful Sparks’ product series all have one thing in common: to enhance the tea experience and culture on the world stage. Our passion for elevating tea stems from our heritage and is one that we aim to continuously showcase.

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