Whitley Neill 惠特利尼爾 - The Original Dry Gin 英國乾琴酒 700ml


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“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

Whitley Neill 惠特利尼爾 - The Original Dry Gin 英國乾琴酒 700ml

ABV: 43%

產地: 英國

Botanicals: Juniper Berries, Coriander Seed, Cassia Bark, Orris Root, Angelica Root, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Cape Gooseberry, Baobab


Whitley Neill Gin is slightly softer and much smoother than traditional Gins, with rich notes of juniper and citrus, potpourri and exotic spices. The finish is a long one, with a subtle fade of herbs, cocoa and candied lemon peels, while the nose is both citrus-sweet and peppery, with a distinctive floral aroma.

This exceptional drink was created by Johnny Neill, a direct descendant of a long line of distillers, whose heritage stretches back as far as the Baobab trees found in Africa today. Inspired by his family’s sense of adventure, Johnny strove to create his own signature blend of Gin: a tribute to his English distilling heritage, and a homage to the enigmatic beauty of his wife’s African homeland. The result is Whitley Neill Handcrafted dry Gin; a balanced, distinctive Gin that blends classic Gin botanicals with exotic African botanicals to create a liquid with a flavour as unique as its heritage.


這種特殊的飲料是由約翰尼·尼爾發明的,他是一個釀酒師家族的直系後代,這個家族的傳統可以追溯到今天在非洲發現的猴麵包樹。受其家族冒險精神的啟發,Johnny努力創造他自己的招牌混合杜松子酒:向他的英國蒸餾傳統致敬,同時向他妻子的非洲家園的神秘之美致敬。其結果就是Whitley Neill手工製作的干杜松子酒;這是一款平衡,獨特的杜松子酒,混合了經典的杜松子酒植物和非洲的植物,創造出一種獨特的風味。

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Very spicy and rich. Juniper upfront, with hints of perfumed, coriander leaves, calves leather and citrus.

Palate: Thick with cassia bark, cut herbs, acacia honey, exotic spices and citrus.

Finish: Long finish with spice and zest.



氣味:非常辣而且豐富。 瞻博網絡前端,散發出淡淡的香菜葉,小牛皮和柑橘香。



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