Suntory 三得利 - Hibikl Japanese Harmony Blended Japanese Whisky Master Select 日本限量版調和穀物威士忌 700ml


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“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”


Suntory 三得利 - Hibikl Japanese Harmony Blended Japanese Whisky Master Select 日本限量版調和穀物威士忌 700ml

ABV: 43 %

產地: 日本
Country of Origin: Japan

Originally created for the travel retail market, Hibiki Japanese Harmony Master's Select is a stunning Japanese blended whisky with a harmonious flavour profile with good fruity sherry notes.

Among them, at least 10 kinds of malt and grains are added, and they are aged in 5 different types of wine barrels. Under the supervision of the third-generation bartender and the great-grandson of the founder of SHINGO TORII, as well as the training of the fourth-generation chief bartender SHINJI FUKUYO, the noble and harmonious light Yamazaki Sherry barrel features are integrated, and more than 10 kinds of Original wine from Hakushu, Yamazaki and Chita distilleries, containing world-renowned Yamazaki sherry cask whisky, the final result is a masterpiece.

Hibiki Japanese Harmony Master's Select 一開始是為了旅遊零售市場創作的,是一款令人驚豔的日本混合威士忌,具有和諧的風味特徵,帶有良好的果味雪利酒味。

其中至少添加了超過10種麥芽及榖物交匯,陳年在5款不同類型的酒桶。在第三代調酒師及SHINGO TORII創始人曾孫監督,加上第四代首席調酒師福與伸二(SHINJI FUKUYO)培養下,融合出高貴和諧的淡淡山崎雪利桶特色,融合10種以上來自白州、山崎與知多酒廠原酒,含有世界知名的山崎雪莉桶威士忌,最後釀成佳作。

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: citrus blossom, mango and juicy raisins. A touch of vanilla rich oak.

Palate: Dried apricots and raisins, cinnamon, chocolate orange, creamy woods.

Ending rhyme: plum and ginger. Milk chocolate and brown sugar.


香氣:柑橘花、芒果和多汁的葡萄乾。 淡淡的香草豐富的橡木味。


尾韻:李子和姜。 牛奶巧克力和紅糖

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