StrangeLove - Salted Grapefruit 湯力水 180ml (原箱24樽)

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StrangeLove - Salted Grapefruit 湯力水 180ml

產地: 澳洲

我們從米爾杜拉(Mildura)採摘白葡萄柚,並將它們與來自墨累河(Murray River)的精緻葡萄柚精油和粉紅色片狀鹽混合。為什麼?因為龍舌蘭酒,這就是原因。 這款Mixer的天然鹹味完美地使任何優質龍舌蘭酒變得圓潤光滑,而葡萄柚的酸味平衡並突出了前調。

We took White Grapefruits from Mildura and combined them with delicate grapefruit essential oils and pink flake salt from the Murray River. Why? Because Tequila, that's why.

The natural saltiness of this mixer perfectly rounds and smooths any premium tequila while the sour tang of grapefruit balances and accentuates the top notes.

Ingredients: Carbonated water, White Grapefruit juice(6%), Cane sugar, Citric acid, Murray river flake salt, Grapefruit extract

成分:碳酸水,白葡萄柚汁(6%),蔗糖,檸檬酸,Murray river片鹽,葡萄柚提取物


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