StrangeLove - Hot Ginger Beer 湯力水 180ml (原箱24樽)

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StrangeLove - Hot Ginger Beer 湯力水 180ml

產地: 澳洲

澳洲姜根的干熱 - 與四川胡椒的辛辣香氣相調和 - 為您帶來不折不扣的熱姜體驗,一定會點燃你的火焰。 基於自製薑汁啤酒配方,如果您對日常生活感到厭倦並需要重新感受一些東西,這是一款完美的Mixer。 與朗姆酒、威士忌或波旁威士忌完美搭配。 它們是純天然的,是送給生薑愛好者的理想薑汁啤酒禮物。

The dry heat of Australian ginger root - tempered with spicy aromatics of Sichuan pepper - makes for an uncompromising hot ginger experience that is sure to kindle your flame. 

Based on a homemade ginger beer recipe, this is the perfect mixer if you are bored with everyday existence and need to feel something again.

Perfectly paired with rum, whiskey or bourbon. 

They are all-natural, contain no preservatives, and are the ideal ginger beer gift for the ginger lover in your life.

Ingredients: Carbonated water, Sugar, Ginger Juice(3%), Ginger root(1%), Natural flavours, Tartaric acid, Ascorbic acid(300)



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