StrangeLove - Fancy Lemonade 湯力水 180ml (4樽)

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StrangeLove - Fancy Lemonade 湯力水 180ml (4樽)

產地: 澳洲


結果絕對是崇高的。這款上乘的檸檬水很可能是我們做過的最好的飲料,每 100 毫升僅含 6 克糖,清脆且完美平衡。

Sometimes the hardest thing of all is to take something simple and perfect it. We worked on this recipe tirelessly before finally settling on a homemade lemonade recipe that used Australian Lemons grown in Mildura with delicate, crisp clementine oil and high-spec lemon extract.

The result is absolutely sublime. Crisp & perfectly balanced at only 6g sugar/100ml, this superb lemonade is quite possibly the finest beverage we've ever made.

Ingredients: Carbonated water, Sugar, Cane sugar, Lemon juice (3%), Citric acid, Lemon oil, Clementine oil



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