Sakurao Gin Original - Shaker Set 櫻尾日本乾琴酒調酒器套裝- 700ml


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“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

Sakurao Gin Original - Shaker Set 櫻尾日本乾琴酒調酒器套裝- 700ml

ABV: 47%

Origin: Japan

A craft gin that utilizes 9 kinds of botanicals, including fresh citrus from Hiroshima, and is distilled using a combination of steeping and vapor methods.
Besides 9 kinds of botanicals from Hiroshima, 5 kinds of imported botanicals such as juniper berry and coriander seed are also used for SAKURAO GIN ORIGINAL. The fusion of a citrus-like aroma with the traditional taste of gin is the most distinctive feature of our original gin.

這款手工杜松子酒採用9種植物原料,包括來自廣島的新鮮柑橘,採用浸泡法和蒸汽法進行蒸餾。Sakurao Gin Original除選用來自廣島的9種植物原料外,還選用杜松子、芫荽籽等5種進口植物原料。這款Gin酒最大的特色就是將柑橘般的香味與金酒的傳統口感融合在一起。


This is a cocktail shaker decorated with SAKURAO logo.
The original shaker with convenient measuring indicator lines to make it prefect even for beginners, low weight to shake easily and translucent design to make the content visible.


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