Procera Gin 肯尼亞琴酒 - 500ml


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“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

Procera Gin 肯尼亞琴酒 - 500ml

產地:肯尼亞 Kenya

ABV: 44%

An African craft gin from Procera, distilled in Nairobi with 10 botanicals, all sourced from across Africa, including Madagascan pink pepper and Moroccan orris root. However, the most important botanical here is a relatively unseen species of juniper, Juniper Procera (most gins use Juniper Communis), also known as African juniper as it only grows in the highlands of Kenya and Ethiopia. This different variety gives the gin a nuttier, earthier backbone. After distillation, the gin is bottled into stunning hand-blown bottles, also produced in Nairobi. A truly unique gin.

來自Procera的非洲手工藝琴酒,在內羅畢蒸餾而成,含10種植物藥,全部來自非洲各地,包括馬達加斯加粉紅胡椒和摩洛哥鳶尾根。但是,這裡最重要的植物是非洲圓柏,非洲圓柏(Juniper Procera)(大多數杜松子酒都使用杜松)(Juniper Communis)是一種相對鮮見的品種,也被稱為非洲杜松,因為它僅生長在肯尼亞和埃塞俄比亞的高地。這個不同的品種給杜松子酒帶來了更堅果,更泥土的骨架。蒸餾後,杜松子酒被裝進同樣由內羅畢生產的令人驚嘆的手工吹製瓶中。真正獨特的杜松子酒。

Tasting Note

Nose: Familiar earthy juniper notes arrive first, developing rich, nutty notes later on, paired with fresh citrus.
Palate: Warming spices (think peppercorn and caraway), with the intriguing nutty juniper notes remaining at the fore.
Finish: Subtly woody notes linger long on the palate.


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