Nusa Cana - Tropical Island Indonesian Spiced Rum 印尼熱帶島嶼香料冧酒 700ml


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Nusa Cana - Tropical Island Indonesian Spiced Rum 700ml
Nusa Cana - 印尼熱帶島嶼香料冧酒 700ml

ABV: 40%

產地: 印尼
Country of Origin: Indonesia

The Spice Islands of Indonesia are the original source of nutmeg and clove. Fresh. Not dried. Flavorful. Valuable. Exotic. Prestigious. The influence and reach of Indonesia’s ‘Spice Islands’ changed the global culinary landscape forever. Nutmeg & clove travelled by sea and Silk Road into kitchens, galleys, taverns & bars. Flavoring spirits, punches, cocktails and mixed drinks. Over time, the islands of Indonesia gave spice to the world.

Nusa Caña Spiced rum draws on Indonesia’s heritage of nutmeg, clove and exotic tastes in its blend of 6 all natural spices and flavors.
Ginger, coffee & cacao are wrapped up in the sweetness of pineapple, finished with the exotic warmth of nutmeg and clove.

The only rum inspired by the ‘Spice Islands’ of Indonesia.
Perfect in long drinks, cocktails, punches and parties.


Nusa Caña香料冧酒借鑒了印尼的傳統肉荳蔻,丁香和異國情調的味道,混合了6種天然香料和口味。 姜、咖啡和可可被菠蘿的甜味包裹著,最後是肉荳蔻和丁香的異域溫暖。

這是唯一一種受印尼“香料群島”啟發的冧酒。 適合長飲,雞尾酒,punch和派對。


Tasting Notes 

Nose: Spiced-pineapple fruit cake. Raw sugarcane.Coffee & chocolate lying underneath.

Palate: Dry spiced rum. Pineapple sweetness. Clove. Nutmeg with raw sugarcane funk. Deeper notes of coffee and cacao carried on spicy ginger.

Finish: Dry Spiced rum. Coffee & cacao. A lasting lick of ginger, sugarcane and nutmeg.


香氣: 香料菠蘿水果蛋糕和甘蔗香味。伴隨著是咖啡和巧克力的香氣。

口感: 乾香料冧酒。菠蘿甜蜜。丁香。肉荳蔻和生甘蔗的交錯口感。更深層次的咖啡和可可的味道帶著辛辣的薑味。

餘味: 香料冧酒。咖啡和可可。一抹姜、甘蔗和肉荳蔻的味道。

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