Never Never Southern Strength Gin 澳洲海軍強度琴酒 500ml


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“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

Never Never Southern Strength Gin 澳洲海軍強度琴酒 500ml

ABV: 52%

產地: 澳洲 Australia

Our Southern Strength Gin is a botanical blast of classic flavour with a luxurious mouthfeel.

This savoury overproof expression of the Triple Juniper style is achieved by elevating the angelica root, coriander seed and lemon character.

Developed through meticulous bartender and consumer feedback.

Medium level of clouding occurs when mixed due to elevated botanical oils.

我們的Southern Strength杜松子酒是植物風味的經典香料,口感豪華。






1. Nose - Fragrant pine mingling with bright citrus and earthy angelica. Coriander seed elevates the citrus character.

2. Palate - Oily, viscous and immediately savoury. Juniper still dominates, however is complimented with earthy notes of angelica root and coriander seed.

3. Finish - Rich and robust, with pepper berry spice and cinnamon warmth developing late.


1. 香氣 -香松與柑橘和當歸混合。香菜種子提升了柑橘的特質。

2. 口感 - 滑的,粘稠且立即感到鹹味杜松子仍然占主導地位,但當歸與當歸根和香菜種子的香氣都令人稱讚。

3. 完成 - 濃郁,而後續感到胡椒漿果香料和肉桂的香氣。


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