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“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

Maru Matcha 日本綠茶利口酒 - 750ml

ABV: 20%

Origin: Japan

Maru Matcha is a green-tea liqueur made in Kagoshima. It is made from Chiran tea (知覧茶). Chiran is one of the tea-growing regions, and its name represents the green-tea brands from Japan, which continues to grow its reputation for the quality and volume of its tea production. Maru means 'a circle,' and Maru Matcha refers to the rounded flavors in the drink, which comes from blending green tea with the organic matcha. The organic matcha is harvested as 'a single-origin tea' by Quick serving styles: Maru Matcha is enjoyable to drink either hot or iced, just like the way you would have a cup of tea to relax. an ambitious tea company, Shimodozono. 

Maru Matcha是鹿兒島縣生產的綠茶利口酒。 它是由知覧茶(Chiran tea)製成的。 知覧是茶產區之一,其名稱代表日本的綠茶品牌,而日本在其茶葉生產的質量和數量上的聲譽不斷提高。Maru的意思是“一個圓圈”,Maru Matcha的意思是飲料中的圓潤風味,它是將綠茶與有機抹茶混合而成。而有機抹茶是由一家雄心勃勃的茶葉公Shimodozono以單一產地形式收割。Maru Matcha既可以熱飲也可以喝冰飲,就像您可以喝杯茶放鬆一樣。

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