Mars - Japanese Gin Wa Bi Gin 日本和美人琴酒 - 700ml


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“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

Mars - Japanese Gin Wa Bi Gin 日本和美人琴酒 - 700ml

ABV: 45%

Origin: Japan

Japanese Gin “WA BI GIN” is a gin expressing the Traditional Technique of making distilled spirit and Nature in Kagoshima. There are 9 botanicals that are nurtured by diverse natural environments and harvested in various parts of Kagoshima. Botanical materials including Juniper berry, Yuzu (Japanese Citron), Green tea leaf, Ginger, Lemon, Hetsuka bitter orange, Saigon cinnamon leaf, Kumquat, Shell ginger, Perilla (a Japanese herb). Especially Kumquat and Saigon Cinnamon leaf, it’s harvested at South Satsuma Tsunuki area which is near the distillery. For the core botanical Juniper berry, it’s distilled and blended by distillery's own manufacturing method.

日本杜松子酒“ WA BI GIN”是表達鹿兒島傳統蒸餾精製技術的杜松子酒。有9種植物藥在多種多樣的自然環境中培育,並在鹿兒島各地採摘。植物性材料包括杜松子,柚子,綠茶葉,生薑,檸檬,鶴塚苦橙,西貢肉桂葉,金橘,生薑,紫蘇(日本藥草)。尤其是金桔和西貢肉桂葉,它們是在靠近釀酒廠的南薩摩修築地區收穫的。 而核心植物杜松子,是通過蒸餾廠自己的製造方法進行蒸餾和混合。

At 45% ABV, Wa Bi Gin has aromas of bright citrus with a hint of warm spices. The palate is big with bright, punchy citrus notes at the fore and tapers to a dry and spicy backbone with a long finish. The juniper is present but not overpowering which creates a harmonious blend of flavours. The gin stands up well in a Martini as well as a range of cocktails that highlight some of the local botanicals of the gin.

和美人琴酒的ABV濃度為45%,具有明亮柑橘的香氣和淡淡的溫暖香料。 口感大,前額帶有明亮,有力的柑橘味,逐漸變細為乾而辛辣的骨幹,口感悠長。 杜松雖然存在,但並不過分,可以創造出和諧的風味。 杜松子酒在馬提尼酒中以及各種雞尾酒中都很有名,這些雞尾酒突顯了杜松子酒的一些本地植物。

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