Helios Distillery海利奧斯酒造 - Kura Pure Malt Whisky 蔵日本純麥芽威士忌 700ml


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“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

Helios Distillery - “Produce a Product Made of the Finest Locally Grown Ingredients”

Based on the principal, Tadashi Matsuda, the founder, established Helios Distillery in 1961. He started with making Rum, made of sugar cane that has been Okinawa’s main crop. His principal whether it is in the making of Awamori, Spirits, Beer or Liqueurs still stands today at Helios, over 50 years.

The Kura Pure Malt was launched in the summer of 2017 by Helios Distillers in Okinawa, Japan, this whisky is based on the distillery's highest year, 18-year-old Malt whisky, and blended with other peat-flavored malts.

Unlike the Kura 8 and the Kura 12, which are made from rice, this whisky is a rare malt produced by the distillery. With a light peat flavor, it is sweet and round, with a distinctive wood spice flavor. Due to the high cost, the winery has announced to stop production, this whisky is only a small amount of tail export to Australia and Hong Kong, and only can see it in a small part of Okinawa wine experts.

海利奧斯釀酒廠- “用當地最好的原料生產產品”。在此基礎上,創始人松田正(Tadashi Matsuda)於1961年建立了海利奧斯酒廠(Helios Distillery)。他從製作朗姆酒開始,朗姆酒的原料是沖繩的主要作物甘蔗。他的主要業務 ,無論是釀造造淡森酒,烈性酒,啤酒還是利口酒,至今仍屹立在海利奧斯釀酒廠,超過50年。

蔵純麥芽威士忌於2017年夏天由日本沖繩的Helios Distillers推出,這款威士忌以釀酒廠最高年份的18歲麥芽威士忌,並混合了其他泥炭口味的麥芽。

與用大米釀造的Kura 8和Kura 12不同,這種威士忌是一種由釀酒廠生產的稀有麥芽。帶有淡淡的泥炭味道,甘甜圓潤,帶有獨特的木材香料味道。由於成本高昂,酒廠 已宣布停止生產,這款威士忌僅少量尾巴出口澳大利亞和香港,而且只能在沖繩的一小部分葡萄酒專家看到它。

Helios Distillery - Kura Pure Malt Whisky 700ml
海利奧斯酒造 - 蔵日本純麥芽威士忌 700ml

ABV: 40%

產地: 日本
Country of Origin: Japan

Flavour: Woody丨EarthyFruityCereal 

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