Highland Park 高原騎士 - Valfather Edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky 蘇格蘭英靈之父單一麥芽威士忌 700ml


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Highland Park 高原騎士 - Valfather Edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky 蘇格蘭英靈之父單一麥芽威士忌 700ml

ABV: 47%

產地: 英國
Country of Origin: UK

Valfather is the final whisky in a series of three special edition Viking Legend releases. Inspired by Odin, the mightiest, and most complex, of the Norse gods, he’s associated with wisdom, sorcery, poetry, death, wolves, and ravens. An intriguingly complex figure... it only follows that his whisky should be as complex, but we’ll try and describe it simply.

Winning gold in the 2020 World Whisky Awards, Valfather is our most peated whisky to date and matured entirely in our finest refill casks to ensure that all that peat is balanced with subtle layers of flavour and character. 

You’ll taste the syrupy sweet apple, fragrant pear, crème brûlée, toasted cedarwood, and smoked paprika. If we had to make up a word for such a flavour, it’d be Stickysmoke.

The packaging for each release in the Viking Legend series was created by Jim Lyngvild, a Danish designer and artist of international renown, whose 36th great grandfather was Ragnvald Eysteinsson, the first Earl of the Orkney Islands.

Valfather是維京傳奇(Viking Legend)三個特別版發行系列中的最後一瓶威士忌。受北歐神最強大,最複雜的奧丁的啟發,他與智慧,巫術,詩歌,死亡,狼和烏鴉聯繫在一起。一個令人著迷的複雜人物……他的威士忌應該如此復雜,但是我們將嘗試對其進行簡單描述。



維京傳奇系列的每個版本的包裝均由丹麥設計師兼國際知名畫家吉姆·林格維德(Jim Lyngvild)打造,他的第36位曾祖父是奧格尼群島的第一位伯爵蘭格瓦爾德·愛因斯坦森(Ragnvald Eysteinsson)。

Tasting Notes:

Color:  Bright gold.

Flavours: Sweet apple | Fragrant pear | Crème brûlée | Toasted cedar wood | Smoked paprika | Aromatic peat smoke



香氣:甜蘋果 | 香梨 | 焦糖布丁 | 烤柏木 | 熏辣椒粉 | 芳香煙熏泥煤味


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