High West - Rendezvous Rye American Whiskey 美國裸麥威士忌 750ml


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“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

High West - Rendezvous Rye American Whiskey 美國裸麥威士忌 750ml

ABV: 46%

產地: 美國
Country of Origin: US


這是一款質量極好的黑麥威士忌, Rendezvous Rye的麥芽糖漿還有含量很高的黑麥,成為混合威士忌,是美國最古老的烈酒,它將 16 年陳釀黑麥的濃郁香氣與 6 年陳釀黑麥濃郁的辛辣特性結合在一起,製出風味十足、非常複雜的威士忌。釀製過程中,需要在低於160度的情況下蒸餾,才能讓蒸餾器獲得想要的所有風味。

Boy howdy, sure does smell like darn good rye whiskey around these parts! Well golly, no wonder it does when there's High West Rendezvous Rye from Utah up in here!

With a very high rye content in its mash bill, Rendezvous Rye is an authentic, spicy blend of that makes one heck of a Manhattan as well as being brilliant by itself.





Tasting Notes:

Nose: Rustic notes of oak and fruit, a little menthol. Slightly grassy, followed by sweeter notes of toffee and classic vanilla.

Palate: Oak spices, pepper and even some chillies. Needles to say, it's rather spicy. Deep inside you'll find a little treasure cove of sweetness, but then it's back to the savoury notes from the nose.

Finish: The heat continues from the palate (how could it not?) with fresh oak and tea leaves.

Overall: A surprising rye whiskey, unique and very enjoyable.

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