Giuliano Tartufi - White Truffle Sauce 白松露醬 80g

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Giuliano Tartufi - White Truffle Sauce 白松露醬 80g

產地: 意大利


Bianchetto 松露 (Tuber borchii Vitt.) 70%;白松露 (Tuber Magnatum Pico) 5%;花生油;鹽;天然調味。

Delicious and easy to cook product, Giuliano Tartufi has developed different types of truffle sauces, suitable for many recipes: creamy texture or pieces of Truffle but also various intensities to build a line suitable to satisfy all tastes thanks to its authentic composition and very high quality.

We suggest to use 15-20g of sauce per person. You can use it cold on a toasted bread or warm in a pan for cooking pasta. You can prepare more elaborated recipes adding fresh cream, melted cheese, bechamel, butter, oil, mayonnaise.

美味且易於烹飪的產品,Giuliano Tartufi 開發了不同類型的松露醬,適用於許多食譜:奶油質地或鬆露塊,但由於其真實的成分和非常高的質量,還可以構建適合滿足所有口味的生產線. 我們建議每人使用15-20g醬汁。您可以將其冷用在烤麵包上,也可以在平底鍋中加熱來煮意大利面。您可以準備更精細的食譜,添加鮮奶油、融化的奶酪、貝克漢姆、黃油、油、蛋黃醬。



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