ETSU Hokkaido Japanese Handcrafted Gin 日本(悅)北海道手工琴酒 - 700ml


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“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

ETSU Hokkaido Japanese Handcrafted Gin 日本(悅)北海道手工琴酒 - 700ml

ABV: 43%

產地: 日本

充滿花和植物香氣,帶有柚子味的柑橘類水果香氣持久。 口感清新均衡,胡椒粉搭配淡淡的綠茶和杜松子。 尾調帶有胡椒散發出柚子香氣。

旭川釀酒廠在日本北海道的北部島嶼上製作了這種獨特的杜松子酒,這是令人感到自豪的。 主要的植物藥–綠色苦橙皮,香菜,甘草和當歸–在中性甘蔗精餾中浸入水中浸軟24h以上,這要歸功於銅的天鵝頸仍然達到83%的體積。 然後用來自Taisetsu(大雪)山脈的水稀釋至43%vol,並通過木炭過濾以達到最佳純度。



The taste is fresh and balanced, with pepper and light green tea and juniper berries. The base note is peppery with a grapefruit aroma.

It is with great pride that Asahikawa distillery made this unique gin on the Northern island of Hokkaido in Japan. The main botanicals – green bitter orange peel, coriander, licorice and angelica root – macerate for more than 24h in neutral cane spirit distilled thanks to a copper still with a swan neck to 83% vol. It is then diluted down to 43% vol with water sourced from the Taisetsu Mountains and filtered through charcoal for optimal purity.


NOSE: Floral & vegetal, notes of citrus fruits with yuzu persistent
PALATE: Fresh and well-balanced, peppers with hints of green teas and berries
FINISH: Sansho pepper ending on yuzu aromas

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