Dr. Solution's - ANDI-HAIR LOSS STIMULATING SHAMPOO 防脫激活髮根洗髮露 (2號) - 500ml (原裝行貨)

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Dr. Solution's - ANDI-HAIR LOSS STIMULATING SHAMPOO 防脫激活髮根洗髮露 (2號) - 500ml (原裝行貨)




ANDI-HAIR LOSS STIMULATING SHAMPOO 防脫激活髮根洗髮露添加了蘋果幹細胞萃取物,這種物質已在臨床實驗中被證實可以刺激人體幹細胞的再生,保護頭髮幹細胞避免被紫外線所摧毀有可能的老化病變,修復毛囊,提供營養給毛囊幹細胞,使頭髮更堅固。除此之外,含有能夠抑制脫髮的咖啡因,富有維生素、磷、鉀、鎂、鐵、鋅的頭髮生長營養物,包括維生素E、維生素B5和水解大豆蛋白,都是能讓頭髮增加水分,滋養頭髮,讓頭髮保持光澤度的優秀配方。



頭皮充分潤濕後,取適量(約一元硬幣大小)防脱激活髮根洗髮露,用手揉出泡沫後,輕輕按摩頭皮,停留頭皮上約3-5分鐘, 用溫水徹底洗淨。 

ANDI-HAIR LOSS STIMULATING SHAMPOO Anti-Loss Root Shampoo contains apple stem cell extract, which has been proven in clinical experiments to stimulate the regeneration of human stem cells and protect hair stem cells from possible aging lesions that are destroyed by ultraviolet rays , Repair hair follicles, provide nutrients to hair follicle stem cells, and make hair stronger. In addition, it contains caffeine that can inhibit hair loss, and hair growth nutrients rich in vitamins, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, and zinc, including vitamin E, vitamin B5 and hydrolyzed soy protein, can add moisture to hair. Excellent formula to nourish hair and keep it shiny.


After the scalp is fully moistened, take an appropriate amount (about the size of a coin) to prevent hair loss and activate the hair root shampoo. After rubbing the foam with your hands, gently massage the scalp, leave it on the scalp for about 3-5 minutes, and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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