Derma Medream - Miracle Capsule Recipe Pack 肌底水光面膜 (3.5g * 10PCS)(水潤彈力,光滑肌膚)

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Derma Medream - Miracle Capsule Recipe Pack 肌底水光面膜 (3.5g * 10PCS)(水潤彈力,光滑肌膚)


Origin: Switzerland

規格:3.5g * 10PCS

Size:3.5g * 10PCS


蘊含豐富天然植物精華,能適度補充肌膚所需營養, 持續代謝老化的角質和積存的毒素、改善暗沉、恢復肌膚光澤,改善粗糙,缺水龜裂等現象。


  • 鎖水保濕
  • 極速滲透
  • 提亮美白
  • 彈性飽滿
  • 緊緻光滑
  • 舒緩收復

Product description:

An ultra-hydrating mask for first aid before makeup and after sun care. Contains 10 concentrated essence masks in individual packaging. It is super convenient to use and accurately quantifies the skin's needs for intensive repair and nourishment overnight.
Contains rich natural plant extracts, which can properly supplement the nutrients needed by the skin, continue to metabolize aging cutin and accumulated toxins, improve dullness, restore skin luster, improve roughness, water shortage and cracking.

6 major effects:

  • Lock in moisture
  • Extreme penetration
  • Brighten and whiten
  • full of elasticity
  • Firm and smooth
  • soothing recovery


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