Citadelle - Original Gin 法國琴酒 700ml


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“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

Citadelle Original Gin 法國琴酒 700ml

ABV: 44%

產地: 法國 France

The 19 aromatics that make up Citadelle are infused, according to their profile, between one and four days – a crucial time so that Citadelle can acquire its distinguished profile. It is then distilled in small copper stills over open flames in order to develop its suppleness and voluptuous character in the mouth.


Citadelle Gin exudes delicate aromas of fresh flowers highlighted by more assertive citric scents. Once served, it emanates more intense, herbaceous notes of juniper and anise; then, the spicy cinnamon side softens the nose, bringing a very gourmand dimension to the gin. On the palate, the juniper cedes to a long, voluptuous, spicy fragrance.

Citadelle Gin散發著淡淡的鮮花香氣,並帶有檸檬味。它散發出杜松和茴香的更濃烈的草本味, 然後散發出辛辣的肉桂味,給杜松子酒帶來了極好的享受。杜松子味上散發出長長而豐厚的辛辣香氣。

But while Citadelle offers complete aromatic richness, its three character traits remain:
 Juniper, its signature, the key base of Citadelle
 Citrus, the complementary note that underlines the juniper
 Exotic, offering an additional level of enjoyment with touches of pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon.

但是,儘管Citadelle Gin具有完全的芳香氣息,但它的三個特徵仍然保留:




Beautifully balanced, it is elegant, soft and and long in the mouth, with an alcohol content of 44%. A perfect equilibrium between intensity and finesse.





1. Nose - Simple, herbal nose, some berry and juniper tang.

2. Palate - Crisp, clean delivery with hints of brine, juniper and citrus.

3. Finish - Medium length, tangy.


1. 香氣 簡單,草本的鼻子,一些漿果和杜松子。

2. 口感 - 清爽,帶有淡淡的鹽水,杜松和柑橘味。

3. 完成 - 濃郁


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