Cinzano - 1757 Dry Vermouth 意大利苦艾酒 - 1000ml


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“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

Cinzano - 1757 Dry Vermouth 意大利苦艾酒 - 1000ml

Cinzano - 1757 Dry Vermouth - 1000ml


產地: 意大利

Country of Origin: Italy

Cinzano 1757 Dry Vermouth的製作

Cinzano 1757 Dry Vermouth是Cinzano 1757系列的乾型苦艾酒,Cinzano 1757 Dry Vermouth採用意大利葡萄酒和皮埃蒙特的丁香、薄荷和艾草等植物成分製成。Cinzano 1757 Dry Vermouth帶有薄荷、鼠尾草、百里香和柑橘皮花束的清新草本香氣。Cinzano 1757 Dry Vermouth的口感是清新、乾爽、溫暖的,Cinzano 1757 Dry Vermouth的葡萄酒香調伴隨著地中海草本花束的味道,尾韻悠長而苦澀。


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