Chugoku - Yuzu Rocks 日本柚子味果酒 - 500ml

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“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

Chugoku - Yuzu Rocks 日本柚子味果酒 - 500ml

ABV: 16%

Origin: Japan 

Yuzu is traditional citrus in Japan, which is familiar at Japanese through the ages. Yuzu Rocks is 100% made from Japanese yuzu, to make both yuzu juice and yuzu aroma oil. Per Yuzu Rock, it contains yuzu aroma oil of pericarp of one yuzu. Straight yuzu juice content is up to 15%, as many as 75ml, straight juice from 5 yuzu fruits. Mix with soda at 1:1, tonic water at 1:1.

柚子是日本的傳統柑橘,古往今來對日本人很熟悉。Yuzu Rocks100%由日本柚子製成柚子汁和柚子香精油。每支Yuzu Rocks中都含有柚子果皮的柚子香氣油。 柚子汁的含量高達15%,多達75毫升,來自5種柚子。建議可與soda water 1:1或tonic water 1:1 的方式混合。

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