Cellmesotec - Super Peptide Lifting Serum- 瑞士魔法微雕拉提針(補水、鎖水、抗氧化、緊緻必備神器) 15ML * 2PCS/BOX

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Cellmesotec - Super Peptide Lifting Serum - 瑞士魔法微雕拉提針(補水、鎖水、抗氧化、緊緻必備神器) 15ML * 2PCS/BOX


Origin: Switzerland

規格:15ML * 2PCS/BOX

Size:15ML * 2PCS/BOX

通過創新技術重組肌底細胞,從 NEOCARE BEE VENOM 蜂毒提取物 ROYAL EPIGEN®︎ P5女皇育成素 CAVIAR 鱘魚籽提取物 EDELWEISS 雪絨花萃取出來的精華,不但能瞬間提升肌膚質素,更可以從肌膚底層著手解決,修復受損肌底。持續使用超過2個月,面部幼紋將會達到明顯改善,肌膚回復水凝潤澤,為肌膚即時補水,提升鎖水度並强化抗氧化防護系统,由內至外全方位發揮功效,令肌膚時刻緊緻潤澤。


Through innovative technology to restructure muscle cells, the essence extracted from NEOCARE BEE VENOM bee venom extract ROYAL EPIGEN®︎ P5 CAVIAR sturgeon roe extract EDELWEISS Edelweiss can not only instantly improve skin quality, but also start from the bottom of the skin Solve, repair damaged muscle bottom. Continued use for more than 2 months, the fine lines on the face will be significantly improved, the skin will be restored to hydrated and moisturised, the skin will be instantly hydrated, the moisture level will be enhanced and the antioxidant protection system will be strengthened. Firming and moisturizing.

How to use: After cleansing the face, rub the toner on the face, then apply the lifting needle evenly on the entire face, and gently massage and lift according to the skin muscle texture and the targeted area.

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