Bundaberg Guava Flavored Sparkling Fruit Drink 番石榴梳打 375ml (6樽)


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Bundaberg Guava Flavored Sparkling Fruit Drink 番石榴梳打 375ml (6樽)

產地 - 澳洲


如果你喜歡番石榴,你會喜歡一瓶真正釀造的番石榴。 用真正的水果手工釀造超過2天,bundaberg番石榴是一種令人愉快的,甜甜的,有驚人的香氣-一定要在你啜飲之前聞一聞。 把瓶子舉到燈光下,在鮮豔的顏色中,你會看到裡面懸掛著番石榴。飲用前請一定要把瓶子倒過來,把真正的水果混合進去。

If you like Guava you’ll love the real Guava hit you get from a bottle of this true-brewed drink.

Craft brewed over 2 days using real fruit, Bundaberg Guava is a delightful, sweet treat with an amazing aroma – be sure to smell it before you sip.

Hold the bottle up to the light and amongst the vibrant colour, you’ll see pieces of guava suspended inside.  Be sure to invert the bottle before opening to mix the real fruit through.

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