Mars 信州蒸溜所 - Mars Maltage Cosmo Blended Malt Whisky 越百日本調和威士忌 - 700ml


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“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

本坊酒造Mars信州蒸溜所 - Mars Maltage Cosmo Blended Malt Whisky 日本威士忌 - 700ml

ABV: 43%

產地: 日本

Its name "Cosmo" refers to a peak located within mountains surrounding the distillery. Mars Maltage "Cosmo" is a blend of single malts distilled and aged in Shinshu, with single malts distilled and aged in Scotland. No age is indicated on the label, so it means that single malts used are relatively young, as you may know, the distillery started distilling again in 2011, and the old Scottish whiskeys are also expensive and rare, so the Chief Blender decided to focus on specific taste characteristics and selected each single malts himself.

它的名稱“ Cosmo”是指位於釀酒廠周圍群山中的一座山峰。Mars Maltage“ Cosmo”是在信州蒸餾和陳釀的單一麥芽與在蘇格蘭蒸餾和陳化的單一麥芽的混合物。標籤上沒有註明年齡,因此這意味著使用的單一麥芽還比較年輕,如您所知,該釀酒廠於2011年重新開始蒸餾,而蘇格蘭的舊威士忌也很昂貴且稀有,因此首席調酒師決定集中精力根據特定的口味特徵,並親自選擇每個單一的麥芽。

Distillery: Shinshu Mars Distillery

Origin: Nagano, Japan

Distillery info: Situated between the north and south Japanese alps, Mars Shinshu is Japan’s highest whisky distillery, at 798 meters. The Hombo family have been distilling for more than a century. The environment of Shinshu Mars distillery is surrounded by granitic soil with crystal clear water source as well as nature bounty, makes the finest quality and high standard Mars whisky.ste.

酒廠:Shinshu Mars酒廠


酒廠信息:Mars Shinshu位於日本北部和南部阿爾卑斯山之間,是日本最高的威士忌酒廠,高798米。 Hombo家族已經蒸餾了一個多世紀了。信州火星酒廠的環境被晶瑩剔透的水質花崗岩資源和豐富的自然環境所環繞,是製作質量最好,質量最高的火星威士忌的好地方。

Tasting Note:
Nose:Mild, honey, soft
Palate:Rich, sweet, honey, caramel, slightly, smoky flavor and ripped fruit
Finish:Mild and pleasant
A tasty blend of sweet flavors such as honey, caramel, and riped fruits, subtly highlighted by some woody and smoky hints.


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